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Celebrate a September Birthday with the Sapphire Birthstone

by Paula Gibson | Posted in Birthstones | No comments yet. | 1726 views on this post

It is so fascinating when researching the traditions of birthstones and the importance they play in our jewellery choices.  This month it is the turn of the Sapphire for a September birthday.

The Sapphire (which is Greek for blue) is actually available in a rainbow of colours, not just the traditional rich blue we often associate it with.  Derived from the corundum group, of which are characterised by their excellet hardness, the Sapphire consists of pure aluminium oxide which has crystalised into gemstones as a result of pressure and heat at a great depth.  Tiny amounts of other elements such as iron and chrome are responsible for the colouring.

The Sapphire conjures feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty, which is why it is so often used as the gemstone in an engagement ring.  In earlier times some people even believed that the universe was an enormous blue sapphire in which the earth was embedded.

Whatever your belief, the blue of the Sapphire is simply stunning.  Coupled with sterling silver the colour bursts into life.  With several of my jewellery pieces carrying Sapphire coloured Swarovski crystals it is easy to replicate the sentiments a Sapphire can bring yet at a fraction of the cost.

My gorgeous September Birthstone Bracelet is a hand-beaded sterling silver bracelet adorned with Sapphire coloured Swarovski crystals which sparkle in the light.  Finished with a sterling silver puff heart charm it is versatile enough to be worn alone or stacked with others from the collection.

Team it up with my sterling silver hand-beaded stretchy ring.  Perfect when you don't know the ring size and again a great stacking ring.  With a single blue Sapphire coloured Swarovski crystal it is a stylish accessory.

And for a special 18th or 21st birthday why not personalise the charm bracelet with Sapphire Swarovski crystals for a September birthday making the perfect keepsake.

Contact me to find out more about these pieces or to discuss using Sapphires for a bespoke piece of jewellery you have in mind.


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