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Making Jewellery Even More Personal For You

by Paula Gibson | Posted in Bespoke Jewellery | No comments yet. | 910 views on this post

One of the most popular types of jewellery that I sell on the site is personalised and specially pieces.
I am regularly approached by people looking for something unusual and a bit different for that special one in their life.
Whatever the occasion, Jessica Florence Jewellery can create something that will add sparkle to the event.
Whether that is a piece featuring a loved one’s birthstone, their initial or favourite gemstones, I can create something to bring a touch of sparkle to any event.
The most popular personalised piece of jewellery is my shooting star necklace. With one open star charm made in sterling silver and 2 solid sterling silver star charms as standard -which can be hand-stamped with an initial of your choice - it is the perfect gift.
It comes with two personalised charms with the option to add as many as 8 – at a cost of £5 each - on to the necklace and to personalise them in the way that you want.
The stamped charms could represent your children, a loved one or your best friends.  Add more stars for more initials and we will ensure that the necklace suspends each sterling silver star charm beautifully.
It is a piece that will look fabulous around any neck and is made even more special thanks to the ability of being able to personalise it. There's also my personalised charm bracelet and initial charm bracelet.
Some of the other popular pieces of jewellery on the site are those featuring birthstones. Recently we’ve looked at May and June birthstones in the blog section – with a look at July’s, with ruby coloured Swarovski, coming later this month.
These pieces with birthstones make for a great gift for someone celebrating a birthday in that month and will add a touch of sparkle to the celebrations. 
As well as the pieces featured on this site, I’ve created pieces especially for people to meet their, often very specific, requirements.
Whether that’s recreating jewellery similar to a piece that they used to own or designing a piece from scratch based on a customer’s idea, I can work with you to come up with a piece of jewellery especially for you.
If you’re looking for something of a certain style or have an idea in mind, get in touch with me and find out what Jessica Florence Jewellery can do to create a personalised and memorable piece of jewellery for you for any occasion.


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