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Introducing our Stretchy Stacking Rings

by Paula Gibson | Posted in Accessorising,Birthstones,Birthday Jewellery | No comments yet. | 1035 views on this post

This past weekend we uploaded some new products to our website: our range of stacking rings. in this blog we take a look at this new selection of rings.

At Jessica Florence Jewellery, we love stacking jewellery together. It works perfectly with bracelets and allows you to create a fabulous combination of jewellery with the colours and styles that you want.

With the ability to create fabulous combinations in mind, we have designed a range of stacking rings that will allow you to mix & match them to reflect your unique style.

Another aspect of these rings that we believe will be hugely popular is that they are stretchy. The internet is full of guides to buying rings not only so you buy the correct style but so that the ring you buy is the right size.

With these stretchy rings, you don't have to fret about sizes and just have to pick out the colours or design that you think suits the person you are buying for. If you're struggling with that, we can help and discuss with you various styles so that you buy the perfect gift first time around.

The first one is a sterling silver and pearl stacking ring. this gorgeous sterling silver ring features a Swarovski elements pearl and is both elegant and charming. The hand-beaded ring is stretchy and fits perfectly on your finger and its beauty is amplified when it is stacked-up alongside the other stacking rings in the collection.

The next ring in the collection features fuchsia crystals which gives this sterling silver stacking ring a burst of colour. Again it is hand-beaded and looks fabulous on its own or alongside other stacking rings.

The third one in the collection is the sterling silver heart stacking ring. this one features 3 sterling silver hearts and is stretchy so that it fits perfectly on your finger and when worn alongside the others gives you a touch of bohemian style.

Finally, and it's also a new addition to my birthday range, is the sterling silver birthstone ring which as well as looking fantastic with the other stacking rings, makes for a perfect birthday gift. The sterling silver ring is adorned with coloured Swarovski crystals representing the specific birthstone colours.

All of the rings retail at £25 meaning that not only are they stylish but also that they won't break the bank. Well, what are you waiting for?

If you are looking for more information on these stacking rings or any of the jewellery on this website, get in touch.

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