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Don’t Worry, We Can Gift Wrap Your Jewellery Order

by Paula Gibson | Posted in Other | No comments yet. | 919 views on this post

One of the most popular requests that I can when orders are placed, particularly from men ordering pieces of jewellery for their partners, is if the pieces that they have purchased will come gift-wrapped for them.
It’s not altogether unsurprising. Who amongst us hasn’t come to open up a gift and found that the person who has bought the gift has badly wrapped it, or worse, appears to have used the entire roll of paper in wrapping it up?
Thankfully for those that have bought something special from me for someone, you don’t need to worry. If you’re looking for a jewellery firm that can gift wrap your purchases then you’ve come to the right place. 
Gift wrapping is a service I’m delighted to offer and every product on this site comes with an option to have it gift wrapped and looking great for the person you’ve bought the gift for.
For just £4.95 extra per item, your order will come specially packaged in a Jessica Florence Jewellery satin pink pouch or gift box which is also then gift wrapped before being finished with ribbon.
That means that the beautiful piece of jewellery you have just bought for a loved one will be presented in a way that really does the piece you have bought justice.
So whether it is a piece featuring the emerald birthstone for someone celebrating their birthday this month, one of my sterling silver Martina bracelets with Swarovski crystals or even one of the pieces that is currently featured in my sale, paying just a little bit extra will mean that the jewellery will come elegantly wrapped and ready to be gifted to that special someone.
It’s the perfect way to present the gift and saves you the hassle of worrying about how to wrap it. 
Now all you have to worry about is getting the choice of gift correct. If you’re looking for advice on that front, get in touch and I can advise on jewellery to suit any occasion and any look.

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