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Accessorise Your Apple Watch with Jessica Florence Jewellery

by Paula Gibson | Posted in Accessorising | No comments yet. | 3021 views on this post

So you’ve bought an Apple Watch - or you’re on the waiting list - congratulations! But as with all fashion items, you need some fashion accessories don’t you? Just as well I’ve brought out a range that mixes and matches with the varying straps.

The wait is finally over; tomorrow in the UK Apple Watches will go on sale. The launch has dominated the minds of those that have pre-ordered them as well as social media as people from across the globe readying themselves for the latest product from the electronics giant.

And what a buzz that the watches have created. From trending online to celebrities such as Beyonce being seen out and about wearing a gold version, the anticipation for this latest gadget has been remarkable. But fashion doesn’t stand alone on one item; it’s about how you look overall.

With that in mind, I’ve created a new range of bracelets to coincide with the official release of Apple’s latest product in the UK.

My Martina bracelets come in silver and in gold – I’m ever hopeful of an order from Beyonce. The bracelets are made with carefully hand-beaded and include selection of sparkling Swarovski crystals. The silver bracelets, the crystals come in blue, green, pink and red while the gold bracelet features aurora borealis crystals.

Perhaps it is the sleek Apple Watch with the Milanese strap in all silver that you will be sporting on your wrist and you’re looking to add some colour to draw attention to it. In that case, the silver bracelet with red Swarovski crystals is perfect for you.

With this being the second  most popular watch that was pre-ordered, there will be a lot of demand for jewellery to bring it to life. What better way to do it than with a stunning bit of red sitting next to your new watch, using the bright crystals to draw attention to it.

The bright colours that the crystals I use come in capture the beauty of Mediterranean flowers, the inspiration behind this range, and the red crystals would look wonderful on your wrist next to this piece.

With the sport watches being available in white, blue, green, pink and black, there is a Martina Bracelet that would suit any option and, thanks to my new range, you can add a touch of gold to the black sports watch, which is the most popular of all of the Apple Watches that have been ordered.

My gold bracelets are made from 9ct gold filled beads that are carefully hand-beaded with aurora borealis sparkling Swarovski crystals, what better way to show off the Black Sports Watch than with gold bracelet with crystals that add a touch of sparkle to it.

The Apple Watch that comes with the blue leather strap is a nice looking piece with a more traditional look. It is also, perhaps, more subtle than some of the others in the range. But what better way to compliment that subtlety than wearing it with the sterling silver Martina bracelet with the blue Swarovski crystals – a combination of two classic looking pieces.

The sparkling crystals open up a range of options and, although delicate, would bring the watch to life on your wrist proving to be the perfect accessory.

Personally, I think the watch with the soft pink strap is one of the nicest. It is a very classy time piece with a lightly coloured strap. Again, one of the more subtle watches from the range that looks like the more it is seen the more popular it will end up becoming.

If you are one of the lucky people that pre-ordered and have now collected this watch, then I think my bracelet with pink crystals is the perfect partner for it.

Apple products are synonymous with the colour white since they first launched their computers and it is little wonder that another of the most popular pre-ordered watches is the sports watch in white.

Accessories in white are already eye-catching but why not make it jump out by adding a coloured accessory to it. Owing to white working well with any colour, the options are nearly endless but I think the glimmering beauty of the green crystals combined with the very stylish white strap will work a treat on anyone’s wrist.

If you are looking for something a bit different or another colour crystal to match your new purchase, then please contact me today and we can discuss creating an accessory especially made for you.

“All images of Apple Watches are copyrighted to Apple inc.”

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