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Accessorising For Your Wedding Day

by Paula Gibson | Posted in Bridal,Accessorising | No comments yet. | 1495 views on this post

You’ve bought the dress, got the shoes and decided on your hair style for the day… Now it’s time to accessorise!

The dress is the pinnacle to your wedding day look and your jewellery should simply, and elegantly, complement its design and how wonderful it looks on you. So make it a rule not to overdo it when it comes to choosing what jewellery to wear.

Whether it is silver, gold, rose gold or pearls, make sure your jewellery compliments not only the colour of your dress, but compliments your own skin tone and hair colour.  Your jewellery shouldn’t wash you out. Instead it should bring your look to life with subtle details to compliment it.

It is also important to remember that not every style of necklace suits the cut of every dress.  Choosing the correct necklace to wear with your dress is paramount to achieving that important sophisticated and chic demur. 

If your dress has a sweetheart neck line or is strapless choose something simple.  If you have crystals in the bodice of your dress why not select a delicate crystal drop pendant or drop pearl necklace for any pearl detail in your dress.  Matching earrings can also be worn, but remember to keep these simple as well.

For a halter neck dress forget about a necklace and instead accessorise with jewellery such as a twin pearl beaded bracelet, pearl stud earrings and decorate your hair with crystal and pearl hair pins to add a touch of sparkle.

A V-neck dress shows off your décolletage and what better way to compliment your dress than wear a long chain with an elegant pendant attached. The pendant could even introduce a touch of colour, may be to tie in with your bridesmaids dresses or wedding theme, or it could be your birthstone colour to keep it really personal.  Finish with matching bracelets, earrings and hair pins to complete the look.

Most importantly, wear something you are comfortable in and be yourself.

For more ideas or to discuss having bespoke jewellery and hair accessories created for your big day, get in touch with me.

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